Craft Sodas

Sprecher is a craft beverage manufacturer, focusing on handcrafting soft drinks with rich, creamy flavors since 1985. How does Sprecher Brewing make their craft soda taste so good?

Fire-Brewed: prepared with a hand-built gas-fired brew kettle

Local Ingredients: made with local ingredients, like unfiltered, raw honey direct from the combs, Wisconsin's famous cranberries and mouth watering cherries.

Caffeine Free: sodas carbonated without caffeine

Gluten Free: no wheat, rye or yeast in our sodas

Delight in Sprecher’s refreshing, fire-brewed craft sodas, all caffeine and gluten free. You can buy Sprecher soda here and have it shipped to you. Can't decide which soda to buy? Get a combo pack with all of your favorite flavors. We also offer our soda flavor extracts for purchase at our online store.