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2016 WIPL Release Share on Facebook

The 1st beer in our 2016 Whole Cone Hop Series -- Wisconsin Pale Lager (WIPL) -- will be released in late October. Made using Wisconsin Cascades from this year's harvest, WIPL has a crisp profile with grassy, light floral and citrus notes. 5%abv. Great session beer. Story HERE.

MagnumPA and Krystal Paradise Share on Facebook

Like hoppy beers that don't demolish your palate? Hoppy beers with some extra character? Try Magnum PA, a Pale Ale made with Wisconsin Magnum & Wisconsin Cascade hops. And if you're a fan of Belgians, try Krystal Paradise, a tropical Wit beer with spices. These beers are only available on draft.

Two Gold and Two Bronze Medals Share on Facebook

Sprecher Hefe Weiss and Dopple Bock won gold medals; Sprecher Stout and Chameleon bronze medals; Piper's Scotch Ale earned an Honorable Mention at the 2015 Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition. Kudos to our brewmaster and his team.

Black Bavarian In the News Share on Facebook

In her article "Debunking the Dark Beer Myth," Ashley Routson aka The Beer Wench cited Black Bavarian as an "excellent example" of a dark lager. Click to read the story

Black Bavarian One of America's Best Beers Share on Facebook

Black Bavarian was one of 24 beers included in the Men's Journal Guide to the Best American Beers (March, 2012). Author Christian deBenedetti.

Black Bavarian Top 10 Craft Beer Share on Facebook

Washington Times Communities author Bryan Kolesar selected Black Bavarian as one of 2011's Top 10 Craft Beers. Click to read the story

Sprecher Root Beer On Tap at Cousins Subs Share on Facebook

In the coming months Sprecher Root Beer will be available on tap at all Cousins Sub shops. Yum!

Chameleon Brewing Share on Facebook

Chameleon Brewing is a new venture started by Randy Sprecher. Brewing traditional American Style ales and lagers as well as being an outlet for Randy to experiment with unusual new styles of beer, Chameleon focuses on unique beers that complement Sprecher's line of traditional brews. Check out Chameleon Brewing here.