Keep it Short

Keep your ticket stub an head over to the Stilt House to get 3 complimentary Sprecher shorts. One short Oktoberfest, one short Old Fashioned Hard Seltzer and one short cocktail made with Sprecher Sparkling Water.

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New! Hard Seltzer

Try our brewmaster's latest creation: Wisconsin Old Fashioned Hard Seltzer. Tastes like its inspiration. Only 90 calories, 8 carbs, 4.5% abv, and a whole lotta refreshing flavor. #notacocktailinacan #crushable

Rep. Gwen Moore

Rep. Gwen Moore stopped by to listen to our concerns about H.R. 1175 and give her insight.

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Try our hand-crafted soda selection

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was founded in 1985 by Randal Sprecher, formerly a brewing supervisor at Pabst Brewing Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A lot has happened since then.

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