Grape Soda 12 pack


Pick up a 12 pack of  Sprecher’s fire-brewed craft grape soda. We make this succulent purple soda with a masterful blend Concord grape juice and raw Wisconsin honey. The end product is a sweet and bubbly grape soda filled with fresh summer flavor. Delicious year-round in a chilled mug or straight from the bottle. It also makes a “grape” ice-cream float (pardon our pun)!

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Pick up a 12 pack of  Sprecher’s fire-brewed craft grape soda. Our handcrafted Grape soda is made for grape lovers. This refreshing beverage features Concord grape juice and Wisconsin honey skillfully fire-brewed to perfect deliciousness.

Our craft grape soda will keep you coming back because it uses concord grape juice. And, of course, raw Wisconsin honey. You can taste the craft soda difference in every sip! So, treat yourself to a grape soda made with the good stuff–real, high-quality ingredients processed in small batches by our expert craft brewing team. Once you get a gulp of Sprecher grape soda, you’ll never go back. Click here to learn even more about our grape soda.
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Want more than a 12 pack of our grape soda? Consider the products below! Or buy our grape soda extract to craft your very own Sprecher soda at home.

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