A bottle of hefe weiss next to a weiss glass of hefe weiss

Hefe Weiss


True to style, we ferment our Hefe Weiss with a German yeast culture. Don’t be put off by the cloudy appearance that comes from course-filtering—that’s a sign of a Bavarian-style wheat ale. Relax and appreciate the immense creamy head resting atop this lightly hopped ale. Take a sip of refreshing spice, hints of citrus and tropical fruit. The addition of wheat malt creates a mouthfeel smooth as a warm summer breeze. 


Gold Medal 2015 Los Angeles International Beer Competition 

Silver Medal 2010 Los Angeles International Beer Competition 

Bronze Medal 2005 Los Angeles International Beer Competition 

2005 L.A. County Fair Bronze 

  • Available: All Year
  • Alcohol By Volume: 4.4%
  • Bitterness Units: 11
  • Malts: Pale, Carapils, German Wheat
  • Hops: Mt. Hood, Hallertau
  • Packages: Bottles, Kegs
  • Serving Temperature: 40-45°F
  • Weeks Aged: 4 weeks
  • Degrees Plato: 11.00°P