Sprecher Brewing Co. is Milwaukee’s original craft brewery, and a lot has happened since we opened in 1985. Here you can listen to some of the many Sprecher stories that have been told since that time, and watch interviews with the awesome people of Sprecher! If you want to hear even more of the Sprecher story and you are going to be near Glendale, WI, book a tour by clicking here.

Oktoberfest Means Fall in Wisconsin!

Iconic Wisconsin comic Charlie Berens shouts out Oktoberfest in one of his videos. Check it out:

Taproom Travelers

The Taproom Travelers thought our beer was so great, they came to see us twice! The Taproom Travelers podcast crew came to revisit us recently, and we had a great time sharing the latest Sprecher news with them. Check it out! A big thank you to the Taproom Travelers.

Sprecher Fest - Fox 6

Fest Bier Collaboration

Sprecherfest came back in 2021, held in collaboration with the Bavarian Bierhaus. Sprecher held the event at the Bavarian Bierhaus on July 1st-3rd, and the breweries collaborated to make a special Fest Bier! For a limited time, the leftover Fest Bier will be available at the Sprecher taproom. Watch to learn more about this unique brew. Print news coverage of this event can be found on the press page.

Sprecher Fest is Back

Tom Aslin of Sprecher Brewing talks about the return of Sprecher Fest, the collaboration with the Bavarian Bierhaus, and more.

A Million Fish Fries

An interview with Chef Dennis about the delicious food at Sprecher Fest, and his extensive experience with fish fries.

Sprecher People

Tom Aslin Interview

Chief Commercial Officer Tom Aslin talks about Sprecher Beer, the craft-brewing process, and Sprecher’s plans for the future.

Sharad Chadha Interview

Sprecher Brewing Co. CEO Sharad Chadha talks about his transition from working at Samsung to managing Sprecher, and divulges his plans for the future of the company.

Kecia Sprecher Interview

Kecia Sprecher shares what it was like growing up as Randy Sprecher’s daughter, and talks about her work in the brewery over the years–including the invention of Rooty and the other soda mascots.

Donna Runge Interview

Listen as Donna Runge shares stories from the old days of Sprecher brewery, and how she and her husband inspired Sprecher Brewing Co. founder Randy Sprecher to start making root beer.

National Beer Day - Fox 6

Interview with Brewmaster Craig

On National Beer Day (4/7/2021), Fox 6 News came out to our Glendale, WI brewery to spotlight what we have been up to lately. We are pleased to share these clips with you, starting with this interview of our Brewmaster Craig Burge. Craig has been with us over 30 years, and is an expert on all of our award-winning fire-brewed craft beers and sodas.

Reserve Tasting Tours

Check out this interview with Patrick, our star reserve tasting tour guide! If you like what you see, you can book a reserve tasting tour right now by clicking here.

Taproom Specials

Meet our experienced retail manager, Lori, as she tells you about the delicious treats and special offers we have at our Glendale, WI taproom. See what’s on offer in the taproom today by clicking here.

Custom Labels

Have you ever wanted to see your design on a Sprecher soda bottle? Go for it! We are happy to print custom labels for you. Listen to Bill, our SVP of E-Commerce & Growth, talk about our custom label program. To order custom labels, click here.

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