A Holiday Sprecher Cocktail Recipe

Sprecher Craft Sodas Come Together in a Festive Holiday Punch

Sprecher Holiday Punch with craft soda recipe
Sprecher Cherry Soda and Orange Dream

Holidays are a time to return to your roots and spend time with friends and family from near and far. Whether this coming together of people is holly and jolly or has you wishing you had a sleigh ride out of town, it can’t hurt to have a bowl of boozy punch on hand. Truly, there is no better holiday cocktail to sip on than a sweet and fruity punch, and we at Sprecher have you covered with a great recipe.

This Sprecher Holiday punch has a great blend of festive flavors. There are pleasantly tart notes from cherries and cranberries, zesty citrus notes from oranges, and the fizzy sweetness that comes from a blend of two fire-brewed craft sodas. Plus, ample vodka to keep you warm!

Put Sprecher in your punch bowl this year, and you will not regret it. This recipe makes about 5 drinks, but it can easily be scaled up if you’re having a bigger party. The recipe is super simple, too! All you need to do is fill some ice cube trays with cherry soda and freeze overnight, put your cherry flavored ice in a bowl, and then combine craft soda, cranberry juice, vodka, and fruit.

Not only is this recipe simple, it’s flexible. Maybe you’d like to add some cranberries for a Cherry-Cran punch. Or maybe you want to make a lighter version with Lo-Cal Orange Dream. If so, that’s great–make this recipe your own. One of my favorite ways to change up this recipe is to substitute the vodka with a nice spiced rum to amp up the holiday flavors. Whatever you end up doing, it’s sure to impress your guests.

Sprecher Holiday Punch Recipe

Kick off the holiday season and enjoy this Sprecher cocktail with a group of friends or family. Bring this to your next get together and everyone will have Sprecher Smiles on their face! (But be careful, they may ask you to bring it to every party).

Prep time: 5 minutes

Yields 5 Drinks

Recipe Ingredients

2 bottles Sprecher Cherry Soda (divided)

1 bottle Sprecher Orange Dream Soda

8 oz Cranberry Juice

8 oz Vodka

Frozen cherries and fresh oranges for garnish

Recipe Instructions

Start by filling two ice cube trays with Cherry Soda and letting it freeze overnight. Once frozen, place them into a punch bowl or pitcher. Freezing the Cherry Soda makes a flavorful punch that doesn’t get watered down over time. Next, add the vodka, Orange Dream Soda, Cherry Soda, and Cranberry Juice into the punch bowl or pitcher. Top it off with cherries and orange slices (optional). Enjoy!

This is just one great recipe, but don’t limit yourself! Sprecher Craft Sodas are a great way to elevate any cocktail. Unlike ordinary sodas, Sprecher sodas are fire-brewed in small batches and sweetened with real Wisconsin honey, which makes them excellent mixers. If you want to turn an ordinary drink into a sweet treat, the opportunities are endless.

Of course, if you prefer a more traditional cocktail, we have a line of premium mixers that includes Tonic Water, Club Soda, Ginger Beer, Seltzer Water, and Light Tonic Water that you can use to make all kinds of mixed drinks.

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