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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The National Cancer Institute estimates for new cases of breast cancer in the United States in 2007 are: 178,480 women and 2,030 men. Of these, an estimated 40,460 women (23%) and 450 men (22%) will die from the disease. Early detection is the best prevention. For more information about Breast Cancer, Early Detection, Resources and other important information, please visit the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month website:

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October 20-21, the 1st annual Los Angeles Animation Festival takes place.  Sprecher is an official sponsor.  Click here for more details:

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Please join us for what is sure to be one of the most adventurous meals of the year at award-winning Dream Dance restaurant. Chef Jason Gorman has designed an exceptionally creative menu and paired each dish with some of Sprecher's most exotic beers including: African-style Mbege, Russian Imperial Stout, and Generation Porter. Click here for menu and beer pairings. For reservations, call Dream Dance Restaurant: 414.847.7883.

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Click for more info...

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Find out a bit about our product line-up in this video (Warning: the video file is a bit on the large side, around 20 Megabytes)

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The New York Times recently ranked Sprecher Dopplebock amongst the top 8 in a tasting of a variety of bocks, mai bocks and dopplebocks from the U.S. and Germany.

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Our giftshop is now offering tours on Sundays at 12, 1, 2 and 3pm in addition to our other regularly scheduled tours. Visit our tour page for more details!

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The Annie Awards, essentially the Oscar's for animation, is having Sprecher beer and soda as it's official beverages this year. Check out the Annie Awards here.

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Sprecher Root Beer made a surprise appearance on Deal or No Deal back in November. The contestant was offered a lifetime's supply of Sprecher Root Beer. Apparently they did their research and knew that he loved Sprecher Root Beer. He turned down the deal though to go for the big bucks. Guess we can't blame him.

Here are some photos of Sprecher in the Deal or No Deal vault:

Just makes you wonder where Robert Palmer went to.

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Men's Journal Magazine's October issue rated our Sprecher Hefe Weiss as one of the top 25 beers in America.

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Sprecher beers managed to snag 11 medals at this year's L.A. County Fair, including 6 Gold medals!

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We had a great time this year at the Wisconsin State Fair. Several of Wisconsin's finest chefs used our stage at the Wisconsin pavilion to highlight a number of intriguing recipe's they have developed featuring Wisconsin products, including, of course, Sprecher beer and soda. Click on the following links to get those gourmet chef inspired recipes to try for yourself!

American Club, Kohler:
Wisconsin three cheese beer soup

Brown Dog Restaurant:
Mussels steamed in Sprecher Abbey Triple Ale

Q BBQ Restaurant:
Smoked or Grilled Duck Breast with cranberry BBQ sauce

Cafe Esperanza:
Fiesta Steak Fajitas

Dream Dance restaurant:
Sprecher Root Beer cured Red Deer venison

Cafe El Sol:
Roast Pork, Shrimp Stir Fry and Baked Cod

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Limited quantities are now available of or Brewmaster Select beers in 1 liter cobalt blue flip top bottles. They are hard to find, so you may want to visit our giftshop directly to make sure you get them. You may even be able to find some of our very rare bourbon barrel aged beers in one-liters as well, only at our giftshop.

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We are excited be featured on the Food Network (Time Warner Milwaukee channel 67) series "Road Tasted". Two brothers travel America highlighting small family run and artisanal makers of food and drink. A visit to Milwaukee wasn't complete without paying a visit to our humble brewery! The episode will air September 12th, 13th, 17th and 18th.

On Sunday (7/23/06) we were featured on the program "BeerNutz"on the MoJo channel on INHD(err... High Definition tee-vee), in Milwaukee this is Time Warner channel 545. BeerNutz is a program whose hosts have been visiting the famous brewing towns of North America and profiling the breweries therein as well as giving viewers a taste of the area. We are, of course, on the Milwaukee episode. Not sure how, if or when the re-runs will be scheduled.

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Sprecher is sponsoring "First Fridays" at the Milwaukee Art Museum, a fun way to see what's new and check out the latest exhibit.

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