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Black Bavarian In the News Share on FacebookShare on Facebook

In her article "Debunking the Dark Beer Myth," Ashley Routson aka The Beer Wench cited Black Bavarian as an "excellent example" of a dark lager. Click to read the story

Black Bavarian One of America's Best Beers Share on FacebookShare on Facebook

Black Bavarian was one of 24 beers included in the Men's Journal Guide to the Best American Beers (March, 2012). Author Christian deBenedetti.

Black Bavarian Top 10 Craft Beer Share on FacebookShare on Facebook

Washington Times Communities author Bryan Kolesar selected Black Bavarian as one of 2011's Top 10 Craft Beers. Click to read the story

Holiday Gifties Share on FacebookShare on Facebook

Need some help with your holiday shopping? Stop into our Gift Shop and pick up some festive hioliday goodies such as Naughty Elf Lager, Bah Humbug Stout and Santa's Brew all in blue liter bottles.

Brewing up a Cure Share on FacebookShare on Facebook

Sprecher Brewery is hosting a fundraiser promoting Breast Cancer awareness benefitting Gilda's Club of South-Eastern Wisconsin on Sunday October 23rd. Click here to get more details.

Sprecher Root Beer On Tap at Cousins Subs Share on FacebookShare on Facebook

In the coming months Sprecher Root Beer will be available on tap at all Cousins Sub shops. Yum!

Wisconsin Hops Beer Share on FacebookShare on Facebook

Randy Sprecher traveled to Wausau, Wisconsin to bring back a load of fresh Wisconsin hops, and we are brewing a beer with them which we plan to release at the beginning of October. The Fresh Hop Amber Lager will be available on draught in October at a select few accounts which are listed here, with the list being updated as the release date approaches. So, let's hear it for fresh homegrown hops!

It's Sprecher Day at State Fair! Share on FacebookShare on Facebook

Today is Sprecher Day at the Wisconsin State Fair. Get a deal on your admission here. Find out about our activities on the central mall here. Get a map of where you can find Sprecher products here. Lastly, here's a list of the entertainment at Sprecher Landing (running all through the fair, not just Sprecher Day).

Chameleon Brewing Share on FacebookShare on Facebook

Chameleon Brewing is a new venture started by Randy Sprecher. Brewing traditional American Style ales and lagers as well as being an outlet for Randy to experiment with unusual new styles of beer, Chameleon focuses on unique beers that complement Sprecher's line of traditional brews. Check out Chameleon Brewing here.

State Fair 2011 Share on FacebookShare on Facebook

It's not too early to start thinking about the 2011 Wisconsin State Fair. Sprecher Root Beer is the official Root Beer of the Fair and will be widely available on the grounds. Get more details of our plans for the fair here.

Help WI's Small Breweries Retain Their Rights Share on FacebookShare on Facebook

This legislation effectively removes existant rights for small breweries, hinders job creation and harms Wisconsin's image. Find and contact your legislator:here. Your voice counts. Feel free to use the following as a template for contacting your legislator:

Dear Senator/Rep [Name Here]

I reside in your WI Senate District and want you to know that I OPPOSE Chapter 125 Branch Legislation unless it is written in that all current and future breweries (under 300,000 bbls) are exempt from these changes. As it stands now, it is detrimental to the small breweries which add much to the image of Wisconsin and are providing many jobs. Threatening either asset provided by the small breweries would be foolish and unacceptable. I urge you to vote against the legislation unless it includes the above.

Thank you.

[Your name and address.]

Golf Outing at Camelot Share on FacebookShare on Facebook

Meet Fox6's Tom Pipines and Green Bay Packers #71 Josh Sitton and #30 John Kuhn at Sprecher's Cheers for Charity Golf Outing June 6th. Details here.

Celebrate American Craft Beer Week May 16-22 Share on FacebookShare on Facebook

Stop by and try guest taps from Capital Brewery and Milwaukee Brewing Company, and Sprecher's NEW Czech-style Summer Pils.

Bring Mom In for a Brewery Tour Share on FacebookShare on Facebook

Moms tour the brewery, receive free samples, commemorative glass and a goodie bag for only $1. Reservations strongly suggested. 414.964.2739.

Cheers for Nurses! Share on FacebookShare on Facebook

Nurses welcome for a special brewery tour May 12th. Only $1 with ID badge. Call the Gift Shop for tour times and reservations. 414.964.2739.

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